We had a dream of one day owning a little patch of land, watch our kids run around the yard and raising our own food. After deciding that we wanted to raise bison, we began looking at how we were going to afford such a task. There were numerous people and entities along the way that told us things like, "that's going to be nearly impossible", "I just don't know how you are going to have the time for that". "You will never be able to afford this on your budget". Almost three years later, we moved into our little farm house in east Tennessee. Two years after moving in, our first five bison were running off the trailer and onto our pasture. The amount of information we learned along the way could fill a book.

Soon after getting our farm up and running, we started hearing from a lot of people that were saying things like, "I've always wanted to have a farm but just wouldn't know where to start and I couldn't imagine having to pay for that". We agree! The journey for us was pretty long and intensive but we just do not believe it has to be that way. Then, like an apple to the head from a tree, a business idea was born. What took us five years to do would have been cut down to just a couple years if we hadn't spent so much time learning the ins and outs of loan programs, doing extensive market research and projections, discovering what programs were available and how to get them, or just locating and setting up farm supply deliveries and coordinating labor companies.

Our family loves to help people and farming is a deep passion of ours. We work hard every day to ensure that people who need us can make the farm of their dreams without taking a half a decade to get it accomplished or having to take out a massive loan to get it. If we can help you and you can help your local community, then we all win. We are dedicated to providing you with the best chance of success in your journey to become a farmer.